My SKYLIFT Strategy To Make Penis Bigger by 2.3 Inches In 12 Months

Get Bigger PenisIf you have arrived at this post that probably means you want exact step-by-step for making your penis bigger and stronger.

When I have a penis size of around 5 inches I used to search about how to get a bigger penis in the night but finally I decided to write down everything in paper and after a couple of weeks, I finally came up with my plan. This plan increases my penis size by 2.3 inches in 12 months.

When I post my penis before and after results many people ask me for my plan that’s why I get the idea to write about my personal plan to increase penis size. I named this plan as “Skylift” strategy to increase penis size by 2.3 inches in just 12 months by working only10 minutes a day.

The problem is that most penis enlargement guides are available for money and most of them are useless and doesn’t bring results. This penis enlargement guide is going to be different because it is focused on helping people.

In this penis enlargement guide, I am going to show you 5 different exercises along with my personal routine plan without charging a single penny. However, in the end, you are going to find “DYNAMIC” technique that is optional but it does deliver results quickly.

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Ok let me first reveal 5 different penis enlargement exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Exercise #1 — Lift Up Cloth:

This is simply warm up exercise that is essential to every penis enlargement routine, I am going to reveal below.

I don’t recommend to start any other penis enlargement exercise without performing this exercise. This warm up exercise is important because it increases blood flow into the penis. Additionally, this warm exercise not only brings more blood flow into the penis but it also reduces the risk of any injury.

Here are steps on how to perform this exercise:

  • Make sure you have access to ample size of towel or cloth that can easily be wrap around penis and testicles. Additionally, you need access to warm cloth as well.
  • Wet the towel or cloth in warm water until it gets hot but it is manageable.
  • Wrap the towel and cloth around penis and testicles for 1 minute
  • After 1 minute repeat the same steps above until your penis becomes pinkish or you feel ready for exercise.

Exercise #2 — Wet Jelqing:

Jelqing is very popular penis enlargement exercise. Jelqing exercise also called milking exercise because the process of milking a cow is used in this exercise. Many people believe that this exercise is derived from Arabia where the large penis is considered as the symbol of masculinity. It doesn’t matter if this is true or it is not the main thing that matter is this exercise really works.

The main aim of this exercise is to bring additional blood into the penis. Additional blood flow into the penis stretches the Corpora Cavernosa (large chamber in penis) and breaks down cells. These cells will grow bigger and in more quantity which results in bigger and stronger penis.

I don’t recommend doing this exercise without warm up exercise and make sure you apply oil or Vaseline to gain 60-70% erect penis. In case if you gain 100% erect penis then I recommend you to stop doing this exercise and bring your erection back to 60% before progressing forward.

Here are some steps on how to perform this exercise:

  • When your penis is 60% erect use your preferred hand (for example right hand) to make ‘OK’ sign with your forefinger and a thumb.
  • Starts from the bottom or base of your penis and slightly move your right hand from bottom (base of the penis) to the top (head of the penis)
  • When you are near your head of the penis use your left hand to create ‘OK’ sign and hold the base of your penis
  • Release the right hand upon reaching just below the head of the penis and repeat the same steps with the left


Exercise #3 — Full Stretching:

Again you have to perform this exercise with 50-60% erect penis. Don’t try to perform this exercise in 100% erect penis as it will become difficult and painful to you. Additionally, don’t perform this exercise without warm up exercise and use baby oil or vaseline to gain an erection.

Here are steps on how to perform this exercise:

  • Use your preferred hand (for example right hand) to take the head of the penis. If you have foreskin then push it back as you are stretching penis not skin
  • Stretch your penis in front of you so your penis will become parallel to the floor. Stretch it out until you start feeling pressure at the base of your penis. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this step for 4-5 times and then massage your head to bring circulation back to normal.
  • Now you have to stretch your penis on the right side for same 15-20 seconds and 4-5 times. Make sure to stretch penis till you feel pressure on the left side. Massage the head to bring circulation back
  • Now you have to stretch the penis on the left side using the pattern mentioned above.

Exercise #4 — PC Muscle Exercise:

PC Muscle ExerciseThis exercise is very important as it will not only make your penis longer but it also give you control on your ejaculation that will come handy in the bedroom. Most men have weak PC muscle and this is the reason they have problems with weak erection, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The good news is you can easily train your PC muscle anywhere and anytime and the more you perform this exercise the stronger your penis will become.

PC muscle is the muscle that you able to squeeze to stop the flow of urination. With stronger PC muscle you will stronger penis, controllable ejaculation, improved stamina, ability to have multiple orgasms and improved urinary flow.

You can perform this exercise either in the beginning before lifting up cloth warm up exercise or after the workout exercise.

Here are steps on how to perform this exercise.

  • Sit down and gain the erection by massaging your penis. Make sure you sit with the straight back
  • Tense your PC Muscle for 3-5 seconds and then let it rest again. This completes one rep

I recommend 400-500 reps a day for stronger PC Muscle but for beginners, it is necessary to start with 50-100 reps.

Ok, after revealing my 4 powerful exercises its time to reveal my personal routine that is the core of this “SKYLIFT” penis enlargement plan.

Penis Enlargement Routine:

Lift Up Cloth2
Wet Jelqing3
Full Stretching3
PC Muscles2 minutes or 50 reps

My DYNAMIC Technique To Get Results Quickly:

penis extenderIf you want to gain 2.3 inches in as little as 12 months then all you have to combine this DYNAMIC technique with my penis enlargement routine that I revealed above.

This DYNAMIC technique is all about combining the power of penis enlargement exercise with clinically and scientifically proven penis extender.

For me, JES Extender is the leader in the category of penis extender and you can read my review at the homepage of this site. JES Extender is the first penis extender that proven again and again to increase penis size and when you combine penis extender with penis exercise you are making your penis grow from two different way.

I recommend you to wear JES extender for at least 6 hours a day and in the night perform my penis enlargement routine for quick results.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and don’t forget to update me with your experience with this “SKYLIFT” strategy for making penis bigger and stronger.