My Unbiased Jes Extender Review

[Warning] Jes Extender is the original & the best penis extender in the market that holds the record for fastest male enhancement results. This is clinically tested and safe way to increase penis size quickly.

I am using penis enhancement products since 2006 and till now I have used nearly 5 products. Except Penomet, all other products are pain and uncomfortable.

At the end of Dec 2014, I decided to give a try to Jes Extender because it contains money back guarantee, has no complaints of slipping and more importantly my friend James L. Oren said it really works.

At the time of writing this review (Dec 2015), I’ve gained nearly one complete inch with this penis extender.

I know it seems very little to some but I used this penis extender on intermittent bases and I feel I already have ‘maxed out’. If you are absolute beginner to penis enhancement then probably you may get double results in the same amount of time.

I can easily recommend JesExtender to anyone who wants to get bigger penis because I’ve used it and get results as well. But before you take your wallet out don’t forget to read this review which is based on my research and experience.

IMPORTANT: Jes-Extender is the original penis extender but many marketers are providing fake product in the name of JES. So it is important to purchase JES-Extender from its official website at

Ok, let’s talk more in depth about this penile extender…

What is Jes Extender?

Jes ExtenderCommonly known as the “Original Penis Extender”, it is one of the oldest penis extender that is available in the market. The team behind the development of this penis extender is really dedicated on researching and improving it to make it most powerful penis extender.

Jes Extender uses clinically proven penis enlargement method to increase penis size. Jes-Extender applies steady pressure on the shaft of the penis to create cells division and make room for new cells. Once new cells fill up in this space your penis will become bigger and stronger. Don’t worry as this is safe and proven method for penis enlargement.

JES-Extender is not the new product instead it is in the market for 20 years and 500,000+ units have been sold till now. Men from all over the world love this penis extender because it has no slipping problem. Additionally, it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can easy wear it under your boxers short or loose trousers and no one will notice it. If you don’t have physical job then you can wear it in your office as well. It doesn’t cause any pain even after wearing it for long time (7+ hours).

You may surprise to know, but the first ever penis extender was mainly created for men to wear after penis enlargement surgery. Yes!! That right. After penis enlargement surgery men have to wear it to keep permanent growth. But after some time the team behind the development of first JES-Extender discovers that penis extender can also increase penis size for men who didn’t have surgery done. This increases the popularity of penis extender and many companies jumped into this money wagon to generate quick cash but there is only one original penis extender – The Jes Extender!!

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How Does Jes Extender Work?

JES is the comfortable and lightweight device that consists of three main parts. First is the body belt that you have to wear around your waist and it has a base that goes to the base of your penis. Second is, a ring (or strap) that you have to place just behind the glands of the penis. Third is, two rods that connect both these parts and apply steady stretch to your flaccid penis and stops it from natural retract. The long use of penis extender breaks down tissue in your penis and with adequate rest this penis tissue rebuilds and becomes stronger and longer.

This penis enlargement process may sound scary but it is not. This way of growing different body parts is completely safe and it is used by bodybuilders to increase their body muscles. Additionally, some men or women of different tribes increase their body parts by including disks or any other items.

In short, it is safe way to increase penis size as everything happens in microscopic level and you will not feel any pain.

Why JesExtender is Better Than Any Other Extender?


Jes Extender spare partsJes-Extender is the most comfortable device that I ever use. If you want to get results from penis extender then you have to wear it for more than 4+ hours… 8 hours is even better. If penis extender is not comfortable then even most dedicated person can’t wear it for more than 40 minutes.

There are numerous penis extenders available in the market and even you can get cheaper ones from Ebay/Ali Express/Amazon but they lacks in comfort. First of all, they are made of poor quality material and secondly they are created by uneducated people without any testing. These are great risk to your manhood.

Although Jes Extender may be seems to be expensive but the comfort and quality is unbeatable. Trust me and don’t put your manhood on risk just for saving few bucks otherwise choice is yours.

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What Kind of Results You Can Expect From Jes-Extender?

One of the most important benefits you will get from this penis extender is permanent gain in length as well as girth of your penis. Additionally, all these gains come easily as you only have to wear under your pants. This penis extender is so comfortable that it can easily hide under your pants and no one will notice it.

Additionally, if you are having some extra weight in your belly and genital region then losing weight while using this penis extender can easily make your penis an inch bigger in just 10 months.

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes!! You will get 365 days money guarantee.

You can purchase Jes-Extender without any worries as you have full 365 days of guarantee. All you have to do is to TRY.

Give a try to JES-Extender for 365 days and if you don’t see any gain you can return the product and get your full money back. JES is created after years of research and it is the clinically proven device that increases penis size. This is why you are getting 365 days guarantee to test this device without any fear of losing your money.

Can I Purchase Jes Extender Replacement Parts?

Jes Extender Replacement Parts

Of course you can!! If you lost or damage some of the parts of your penis extender then you don’t have to worry you can purchase genuine replacement parts directly from JES website.

However, it is very important to use genuine replacement parts because cheap and low quality replacement parts can hurt your penis and cause severe injuries. Each and every part of JES is carefully created in verified lab and it is tested by numerous users from all over the world.

Click this link to visit JES Replacement Parts page and start ordering safe and quality replacement parts.

How Fast You Can Gain Results From JesExtender?

Many men want to see their penis bigger in just couple of days. Some of them still believe that there is ‘magic’ pill that will increase their penis size when they wake up next morning. Unfortunately, there is no pill exist in the world.

If you want to increase your penis size then you have to remain consistent with your penis enlargement routine. Based on my research, I discover on average a complete newbie in penis enlargement gained around an inch in 10-12 month by wearing JES Extender for 6-7 hours a day. Additionally, there are some men who gained 2 complete inches but they lost weight as well.

However, men who already gained 1 inch previously with other penis extender gained 0.5 inch in 12 months even after wearing JES Extender for 7+ hours.

For those who already gained 2 inches with other penis extender, I recommend them to use JES Extender with Penomet. Since extender alone is not powerful for men who already gain 2 inches that is reason they need to add Penomet in their penis enlargement schedule to get bigger and powerful penis.

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