Truth About Penis You Should Know

British Journal of Urology conducted a research in which over 15000 men are asked to post their penis size. At the end of this research it is concluded that average size of penis is 5.23 (13.2 cm) which is much relief for most men who think their penis is ‘small’ as compare to one they see in adult movies, male pills advertisement and in magazines.

penis sizeHowever, this research is not straight forward as it may seem. This is because men have to post measurements of their penis size by themselves. Self-measurement is highly unreliable. Firstly, most men don’t know the right way to measure penis and it is possible some have use wrong ruler as well. Secondly, some men may have posted wrongly to increase their ‘scores’.

But afterwards there was a study conduct by few scientist in which they hire trained professional to measure the penis size of 1000 men in the laboratory. At the end of this research scientists discovered that average size of adult men is 5.88 (14.9 cm) which is ‘considerably’ low than the average penis size we have been told by manufacturers of male enhancement products.

If you are women then you may think fractional difference in 5.23 and 5.88 is really silly but,

If you are men then you know the importance of few centimeters in penis size.

Why Penis Size Is Important For Men?

Since many decades men are worried about their penis size. Many men think a bigger and MOUTHFUL penis is the only way to satisfy their partner.

The main problem is men always ‘want to have big’ either it is bank balance, home, car or bulge in their pants. Manufacturers of male enhancement products are making huge amount of money by exploiting man’s ‘bigger is better’ obsession.

Except penis enlargement surgeries and penis extender, there is no other enhancement method that is clinically verified.

It is strange for any woman to find why so many men are worry about their penis size but this is how men are!!

The desire for bigger penis is not only limited to heterosexual men. Gay men also want to have bigger penis while homosexual guys don’t want to have partner with big penis.

Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

A high value women (I mean women who want long term relationship) never understands the men obsession about the penis size. For most women there are two things that matter most:

#1 – Most women don’t like the idea of having big penis in their vagina. They know big penis is painful

#2 – Most women prefer thick penis instead of long penis. This is because they like the idea of feeling stretched around the entrance to the vagina. [Here’s the link to survey]

Average Penis Length of Non-Erect Penis:

Does penis size matterMany men are worried for their penis length and they keep on measuring their penis length at different time of the day. Measuring penis in non-erect (flaccid) state is completely pointless because flaccid penis size varies due to many temporary factors like temperature etc.

Even the largest penis will shrink when a person swim in cold water.

However, it is true that different men have different penis size. Some of them are having bigger while some are on average just like some are taller and some are short. It is important to keep in mind that there is no connection between height and penis size.

Two independent researchers Masters and Johnson measure the size of flaccid penis of 300 men and they conclude that flaccid penis size varies a lot and the average flaccid penis size is 3.75 inches.

Average Penis Length of Erect Penis:

Most men are concern about the erect penis size. However, there is an interestingly fact about the erect penis that is found by two independent researchers Masters and Johnsons:

#1 – Men who has ‘smallish’ penis in non-erect state has gained 100% increase in length during sexual excitement

#2 – Men who has ‘biggish’ penis in non-erect state has gained 75% increase in length during sexual excitement

So, this means that men have build-in natural factor that bring his penis to the normal penis size. Most doctors agreed that the mean length of erect penis is between 5.2 to 5.8 inches.

There is one most trusted and accurate research conducted by LifeStyle condoms in Mexico in which professional take penis size of 300 young American between age 20 – 40. This research showed that the average penis size is 5.8 which confirmed the results of research conducted by British Journal of Urology.

Is it Possible To Increase Penis Size?

In short, YES it is possible!! Many companies claim they know how to increase penis size but they charges very high. However, there was a medical conference in which medical doctors and experts talk about penis and penis enlargement. They offered their opinion on various methods for penis enlargement. This concludes that:

  • Pills, oils, patches are useless and waste of money
  • Surgeries are expensive and they are risky as well
  • Pumps and weights provide temporary gain only
  • Exercises are effective but provide results very slowly
  • Extenders (or stretchers) work little bit

Penis Extenders – Only Non-Surgical Method That Provide Some Gains:

penis extender Jes Extender (First penis extender) was first created to cure penis curvature (otherwise known as Peyronie’s Disease) but later studies found that extenders can not only improve penis curvature but also increase an inch or two in the process.

This is where penis extenders gained popularity as penis enlargement device and many urologists are using penis extenders to cure penis curvature of their patients.

Penis extenders are small rectangle frame that stretch the penis to its maximum extend and create space for new cells and tissues. This process of penis growth takes place on microscopic level and it doesn’t hurt.

Penis extenders are small in size and remain undetected under trousers. Men have to wear it for several hours every day to see any visible difference. There are reports from all over the world that these penis extenders increase penis length and girth both.

Don’t think them as ‘miracle’ device for penis enhancement because doctors of Italy and Spain conducted research with 300 men in which men are advised to wear JES Extender for 6 hours every day till 4 months. At the end of this research men gained an average 0.68 inch in their penis size. This may be little to most women but men this is great result. If you also want to increase penis size then don’t forget to read my JES Extender review.

Here’s my friend’s video that will show you the correct way to measure your penis: